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February 22 - 24, 2019

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This year we are pleased to welcome many excellent Dutchess County businesses such as Champion Card Collector and POW! Card Games and Comics. Check them out on our Vendor page!
Put on your best cosplay and enter the contest, judged by talented cosplay group Team Rammyz!
Do you like boardgames? Come check them out and play in the CCMPR with us!
What's Going On at No Such Con?
​Natalie Van Sistine
Natalie Van Sistine is a freelance writer, voice actress, sound engineer, and instructional designer who also dabbles in game design. She currently serves as a sound designer for Sound Cadence Studios, and her narrative podcast "The Elysium Project" is available wherever you listen to podcasts.
Dante Basco
No Such Convention welcomes special guest Dante Basco, the accomplished animated show and video game voice actor, as well movie and TV star. Featured  as Prince Zuko on Avatar: The Last Airbender, Jake Long in American Dragon, and actor in classics like But I'm a Cheerleader, Hook, and many moreDante will discuss his experiences in the industry.

Thomm Quackenbush
Fantasy author and all-round fine fellow Thomm Quackenbush will be in attendance at the con! Thomm is the author of Night's Dream , Rise of the Outlanders. 
Ellie Collins
Ellie is a prolific writer of both film and book in the genres of Urban Fantasy, Modern Fiction, and Horror. Ellie has written for theater and live combo shows over the year, as well as directing and producing for short films and webseries. After years of being a podcast personality in shows like Omega Reactor, guest of Pokemon Go! Podcast and Fandomania, she has pursued her love of storytelling in the creation of  the Blood Crow Series: a serialized horro podcast with an LGBT+ flair.
J.M Desantis
J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist (Write-ist, as he likes to refer to himself). He is best known as the creator of the medieval Indian fantasy heroine, Chadhiyana. DeSantis has also authored a number of short stories and artworks, mostly in the fantasy, horror and humour genres, including work in Heavy Metal Magazine and the art-film, Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated. His first graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows is currently being serialised in individual comic issues through Rosarium Publishing. He is also the writer and artist for the humorous web-comic, Gentleman Cthulhu: Emeritus Moribus Monstrum on gentlemancthulhu.com. Browse all of his work and follow his weekly blog on jmdesantis.com.

Adam Tilford
Adam, a New York based writer and animator, is the creator of the animated web series known as Shattered Heaven. A sci-fi, mecha drama based off his novel of the same name. The first season ended in 2016 and the second season is set to debut in early 2019. Adam has been writing for over 15 years and has been a self taught animator for the last 10. He has been published through Packt Publishing as writer and an editor on a few technical books. He is also credited with editing the script for the award winning indie game, MIND: Path to Thalamus.
Adam is also a hobbyist voice actor as well as a freelance editor, graphic and web designer.  

Duane Joseph Olson

Duane Joseph Olson is a voice actor, writer, performer, musician, impressionist, and critically-acclaimed director. He is best known as the voice of Ludwig, Shuck, Fontaine, and Yeshua on FENNAH's hit animated series Satellite City. You may hear his voice on a number of different platforms, as well as find his work onstage in many different theatrical settings. 

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